Name The Banks’ CIO Forum (BCIOF) Category CSR

CSR – Upliftment of Basic Needs For Schools Kekirawa-2019

Three primary schools at Kekirawa area was chosen for the upliftment of their basic needs, such as installation and repair purified water system and build /repair of toilet facilities. All these were mixed schools and the basic needs were very important to all of them.

The three schools were Hewanatennegama Vidyalaya, Kirimatiyawa Vidyalaya and Kaluebe Vidyalaya.

With this project, the children of all schools were able to get purified drinking water and use new toilets. The school principals told us some students take water home now instead of brining water at some cost. Also, the water well repaired at Kaluebe Vidyalaya is used by the villages too as the water is better in compared with other areas.

The forum will maintain the water system equipment for 2 years

We are also happy to note that all students of Hewanatennegama Vidyalaya got through the grade five scholarship examination. The forum visited in recognizing them and donated school bags and books too.

We thank our two project coordinators Mr.Vajira and Mr.Vasantha who did a great job.

The project cost was 1.3Mn.


Kekirawa Education Zone