“The Unseen Digital Future”

The second consecutive CIO Confluence under the theme ‘The Unseen Digital Future’ was held on 15th September at the Cinnamon Grand. The conference offered CIOs the opportunity to engage with internationally acclaimed industry experts who shared their ideas and insights on how the CIO can truly add value to their organisations. The keynote address was delivered by Michael Tchong from Las Vegas, United States. Tchong is the founder of ubercool INNOVATION, and a motivational speaker who has riveted audiences worldwide with inspirational insights into innovations, trends, social media and technology.

Three interactive and customised sessions dedicated to CIOs were run alongside with a large session. The multiple sessions focused on innovation, social and analytics, cloud and security.

Digitisation has revolutionised the way the world works and the way it is perceived. It has changed the rules of the competition and have rewritten the practices and approaches towards it. The digital world will continue to change how we see the world and act within it. This creates problems for business to converge themselves to be relevant in this ever changing world. Organisations are fast recognising the need to adopt robust technologies in order to stay ahead and as such the role of the CIO is becoming increasingly important.

Along with digitisation comes the need to be secure. As much as digital media offers people and organisations to connect freely and conveniently with each other, it is important to understand the security impediments that come along with the ease of access.

Source : CIO Confluence 2016: ‘The Unseen Digital Future’ on 15 Sept.

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September, 2016

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